Metal Mixing and Mastering Services

Have a look at what I can do and then contact me to fill out the form so that I can get you an accurate quote.

My Metal Mixing Services

  • - Mixing
  • - Mastering
  • - Drum Programming
  • - Bass Programming
  • - Guitar Programming
  • - Drum Editing
  • - Bass Editing
  • - Guitar Editing
  • - Vocal Editing
  • - Vocal Tuning

YouTube Video Review and Demo Services

Aside from online metal mixing services, if you need a video review, I have a quickly growing YouTube channel with a hungry audience for all things metal.

Paid product reviews do NOT in any way, shape, or forum gaurantee a positive review. While I will be honest, my schtick is not that of trying to be the next Glenn Fricker.

In each and every one of my demonstration videos, I have:

  • - Thoroughly checked the product for bugs, errors, or "weird" things;
  • - Come up with unique riffs, songs, or ideas not previously used in other videos;
  • - Strived to provide a full demonstration of the product as well as how I wrote and produced the track with the product being review;
  • - Tips, ideas, or suggestions about how to use the product or how it could be improved.

When quoting your project, the following points will be considered:

  • - Time invested testing and learning your product;
  • - Time writing/producing original music for your product;
  • - Time spent mixing/mastering the song;
  • - Time spent scripting, shooting, and editing the video;
  • - Researching and creating an effective SEO title and description for YouTube.